Grenada Electricity Services

Grenlec, a leading electric utility in the Caribbean

With privatization of Grenlec in 1994, WRB Enterprises assumed management for all electricity generation, transmission and distribution services for Grenada’s tri-island nation. WRB’s goal was to expand Grenlec’s electric service to world-class utility standards.

Now more than 20+ years later, Grenlec is ranked as one of the most efficient, top-performing electric utilities in the Caribbean with always-on reliability, superior customer service and increased renewable energy production. Grenlec is well positioned to support Grenada’s future economic growth through stable electricity prices and greater energy security.

As part of its corporate commitment, Grenlec contributes 5% of annual pre-tax profits to the communities in Grenada to promote education, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and social services. To date, more than $18 million has been donated.

And in times of crisis, WRB can be relied upon to best serve the nation. When Hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada in 2004, Grenlec had critical electric service restored within days, and rebuilt an entirely new system within the year, without impacting customer rates.

Grenlec invests continuously in new technologies, renewable energy projects and customer service initiatives to deliver reliable, efficient and safe electricity service cost-effectively for the residents and businesses of Grenada.

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