Building Equity in Our Environment


WRB Serra is an investment firm, specializing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and water infrastructure and integrated utilities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Drawing from a team with four decades of experience in the region, WRB Serra provides capital that allows developers to take their projects through completion. WRB Serra seeks to identify projects that have a high probability of success and potential to generate attractive investor returns.

WRB Resources

Led by former principals of WRB, WRB Resources became a separate enterprise that manages land, water and natural resources for sustainable use and preservation.

Real Estate & Community Revitalization

Finding and revitalizing unique properties that provide sustainable value for people, local communities, and our environment is one of WRB Enterprises’ investment goals.

Our investments in commercial sites, residential properties, and ranching have proven to be worthwhile, both economically and environmentally, for the communities and partners we serve.