Real Estate & Community Revitalization

Finding and revitalizing unique properties that provide sustainable value for people, local communities, and our environment is one of WRB Enterprises’ investment goals.


Our investments in commercial sites, residential properties, and ranching have proven to be worthwhile, both economically and environmentally, for the communities and partners we serve.

In Tampa, Florida’s historic Ybor City district, WRB invested in the revitalization of one of the oldest cigar factories, while preserving the history and culture of the site.

WRB helped to create a thriving mixed-use commercial and business district that today serves visitors from all over the world. WRB accomplished this transformation by working collaboratively with community, government and business leaders.

WRB ‘s investment portfolio has included ranching properties, most with conservation easements that protect the land from development. In addition to sustainable timber and cattle operations, the properties are used responsibly for recreational fishing and hosting of community events.