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January 23, 2015

Grenlec Commissions Multi-Media Centre at St. Andrew’s Anglican RC School

23 January 2015: The St. Andrew RC School is the most recent beneficiary of Grenlec’s Community Partnership Initiative (GCPI) with the opening of a new Multimedia Centre on 23 January 2015.

Under the project, the electrical system was upgraded, the multi-media centre was air conditioned, furnished and equipped with 17 computers and 1 server at a cost of just over $70,000.

Eric Williams, Senior Grenlec Manager, underscored the Company’s commitment to supporting education, science and technology. “The lab will assist all students, with special emphasis on interactive teaching and learning…Grenlec is delighted to partner with St. Andrew RC to expand opportunities for our young people,” said Williams.

Thanking Grenlec, Barbara Simmons, Principal, shared her school’s vision to also utilise the facility to equip parents to assist their children with technology. Addressing public discussion about children’s use of technology, Simmons observed, “I believe that the earlier children are taught to use technology responsibly and effectively, the better use they will make of it”.

In 2013, Grenlec partnered with St. Mark’s Secondary School to create a similar facility. These are among a broad range of initiatives through which the Company’s Community Partnership Initiative has directly impacted schools.