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April 4, 2016

Grenlec’s All-Electric Vehicle Pilot Update:

Preliminary results show greater energy efficiency and savings.

Grenlec’s all-electric vehicle (EV) pilot project, launched in September 2015, shows that EVs offer improved energy efficiency, costs savings, driving performance, and environmental benefits as compared to conventional internal combustion-engine cars.

For demonstration and evaluation purposes, Grenlec acquired two Nissan LEAFs and a Nissan E-NV200 5-seater van for use in its current fleet. Since September, Grenlec has tracked the performance of the vehicles for mileage efficiency and fuel savings.  The EV pilot project’s preliminary results from September 2015 through February 2016 are shown below.



 In the first six months of the pilot, the vehicles averaged the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon (MPGe) after travelling a combined 9,894 miles in Grenada.


Avg. 100 MPGe after 9,984 total miles, 3.88 miles/kWh

However, the actual mileage for electric vehicles can vary based on road conditions, manufacturer/model type, weather, and the operator’s driving style (speed and fast starts/stops).

Fuel Costs—Average of 43% Fuel Savings  


To date, the electric vehicles have averaged a 43% reduction in fuel costs compared to their combustion-engine counterparts with similar daily usage. In the first six months of the pilot, the vehicles used a total of 2,550 kWh at a cost of EC$ 2,922, which represents total savings of

EC$ 2,237 in fuel costs. Because of the van’s larger size, it consumed more energy than the LEAFs.


Driving 100 Miles in Grenada


            $44.74                        $26.40

in gas-powered vehicle        in all-electric Nissan LEAF

The approximate cost to drive 100 miles in an all-electric Nissan LEAF compared to a comparable

 gas-powered car is based on the average fuel prices from September 2015 through February 2016 in Grenada.

In addition, because the vehicles have fewer moving parts, it’s expected that maintenance costs will also be reduced. To date, no maintenance costs have been incurred for the EVs.


Charging and Drive Range

In November, Grenlec completed a round-the-island motorcade with the three electric vehicles, starting at the Grand Anse headquarters, up the west coast, down the east coast and returning to Grand Anse.  Stops were made in St. George, Gouyave, Victoria, Sauteurs, Grenville and La Tante, St. David.

After driving the vehicles more than sixty miles and completing the journey at Grand Anse, each vehicle had over forty miles range remaining on a single charge.

The public had an opportunity to view and learn more about the vehicles at each stop. For more about consumer comments, please visit:


Road Performance

The Grenlec team found that the high-torque (axle-twisting power) provides faster acceleration than a conventional car, with less noise. The electric vehicles handle the roads well, even the hilly terrain, providing an enjoyable, quiet ride. In November,  Grenlec hosted a media brief and took select members of the media on a ride to the Grand Etang Welcome Center. “We were all captivated by the ease with which the vehicles traversed the winding hilly roads of the Grand Etang Rain Forest,” said Prudence Greenidge, Grenlec’s Corporate Communications Manager.


Environmental Benefits

 EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, which reduces air pollution and greenhouses gases (carbon dioxide). To date, Grenlec has saved an estimated 3.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the use of these electric vehicles, contributing to a cleaner environment. Although the power plant that generates electricity produces emissions, EVs operate at a much higher efficiency and, therefore, produce fewer pollutants than gas-powered vehicles.  And, the increased use of renewable energy for generating electricity in the future can further reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Driving the Future

Grenlec will continue to evaluate the efficiency and economy of EVs for expanded use in the future. For more information about Grenlec’s EV pilot programme and electric vehicles, please visit

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