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May 18, 2015

The future is bright for renewable energy in Grenada

Grenlec aims to increase renewable energy use

With the goal of 20% renewable energy by 2020, Grenlec is aggressively pursuing additional renewable energy initiatives and clean energy technologies in 2015 for electricity generation and use.

Grenlec’s new Renewable Energy Strategic Plan and the Government’s National Energy Policy of Grenada are strongly aligned to achieve mutual clean energy goals for the nation. The objectives are to stabilise and eventually lower energy costs; reduce dependence on imported fuel, support economic growth; and protect the environment by increasing the use of renewable energy.

Grenlec’s 2015 renewable energy initiatives include:

  • Phase 3 of Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme

Launched in 2007 and the first of its kind in the Caribbean, the programme includes more than 80 customer-owned renewable energy sites with an aggregate installed capacity approaching 800 kW. Grenlec is accepting applications now for Phase 3 with a total of 500 kW available.

  • 40 kW Solar PV Project at the Bel Air Home for Children, Grand Anse Home for the Aged, and Queen Elizabeth Home for Children

As part of the Grenlec Community Partnership Initiative (GCPI), three major projects are being finalized for the installation of rooftop solar PV systems to subsidise the homes’ energy expenditures and grow Grenada’s renewable energy penetration.

  • Electric Solar Vehicle, Charging Station and Solar Car Park, Grand Anse Headquarters

Grenlec is assessing the purchase of electric vehicles and strategically located charging stations. Over its life, each vehicle could offset 17.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and consumption of more than 2,000 imperial gallons of gasoline.

  • Planning for Utility-Scale Ground-mount Solar Installations

Grenlec is in the development stage of a large-scale solar project that could produce more than 13 million kWh (units) per year, which is enough to power more than 7,700 homes, displace almost 700,000 imperial gallons of diesel, and avoid more than 9,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Securing suitable land is the next step in the project’s development.

“Grenlec is 100% committed to increasing the use of proven renewable energy technologies to provide reliable, efficient electric service at the lowest possible cost for the benefit of our residents, businesses and environment,” says Collin Cover, Grenlec’s General Manager & Chief Executive Officer.

Grenlec has strategically pursued renewable energy since 1996, and has invested more than $3.5 million in research, development and deployment of renewable energy technologies. Renewable energy programmes and energy efficiency projects to date include:

  • The Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme, launched in 2007, is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. The programme includes more than 80 customer sites, and is about to move into its third phase with an aggregate installed capacity approaching 800 kW.
  • The Petite Martinique Renewable Energy Project, 31.59 kW, is the first phase in Grenlec’s programme to convert Petite Martinique to as close to 100% renewable energy that is technically and economically feasible, while maintaining reliability and cost effectiveness.
  • The Grand Anse rooftop solar installation on three Grenlec buildings, which total 150 kW. Plans are underway to expand capacity to other facilities.
  • Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) Energy-efficient Lighting and Rooftop Solar Installation, 13.92 kW

These renewable sites are producing over two million kWh (units) per year and displacing more than 113,000 imperial gallons of diesel annually.

Grenlec will be providing more information about the progress of renewable energy initiatives in Grenada over the next several months. For more information, please contact Prudence Greenidge, Grenlec Corporate Communications Manager at (473) 440-2097 ext. 314 or [email protected]